UPower Series(1000-5000W)

UPower Series(1000-5000W)

Inverter / Charger


UP1000-M3212, UP1000-M3222, UP1500-M3222, UP2000-M3322, UP3000-M3322, UP3000-M2142, UP3000-M6142, UP3000-M6322, UP5000-M6342, UP5000-M8342, UP5000-M10342


12/24/48VDC input 1000-5000W

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Product Highlights

  1. A new type of all-digital intelligent energy storage and management Inverter/charger
  2. MPPT technology, Max. tracking efficiency 99.5 %, Max. DC-DC conversion efficiency 98.5 %
  3. Advanced all-digital control technology for AC-DC charging modules
  4. SPWM technology, with high efficiency up to 95 %
  5. With the function of Utility & Solar charging ratio selection, and total charging current setting
  6. Four charging mode and two output mode
  7. Rich set of options
  8. RS485 isolated communication interface with standard Modbus protocol
  9. Extensive electronic protections
  10. Variety of accessories can be selected according to user’s requirements