LandStar-LPLW Series(10-20A)

LandStar-LPLW Series(10-20A)

PWM 2.4G Communication Solar Controller&LED Driver


LS101240LPLW, LS101260LPLW, LS102460LPLW, LS2024120LPLW


12/24VDC 10-20A

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Product Highlights

  1. 2.4G wireless communication design
  2. PWM charging mode
  3. Support lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries
  4. Lithium battery self-activating function
  5. Intelligent power derating to ensure 365 days lighting on
  6. Multiple load control modes (Including midnight working mode)
  7. Ultra-low power consumption mode (4mA)
  8. Customizing parameter by password verify
  9. Automatic load test feature during installation
  10. IP68 protection class (1.5 meters, 72h)